The Las Vegas of Asia: Less native gamblers in Macau

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The Las Vegas of Asia, whoever hears Macau often thinks of gambling, betting and online casino immediately. In fact, the autonomous region in China is often referred to as a paradise for fans of roulette, blackjack, one-armed bandits, betting, gambling and Co. But how do the residents feel about this development? Surveys showed that many residents are not very enthusiastic about gambling, betting and casinos offer. Accordingly, it is not necessarily locals who visit the casinos, gambling and betting sites there.

Football betting instead of slot machine and dealer

Macau is full of casinos, gambling and betting sites wherein all the area there is lots of casino, betting and gambling sites. At this point, one could rightly conclude that the population is also completely crazy about the roulette wheel and casinos. In fact, the reality is different, because only about 40% of the residents take part in the betting and games of chance. Not only is this a relatively low percentage, but it also shows an extreme downward trend in gambling and betting: A few years ago, around half of the residents occasionally visited one of the casinos and betting sites.


Surveys also show that football betting is still very popular among residentsMacau. Losses are also noticeable here, but the general population seems to enjoy sports and gaming.

The Mark Six Lottery is also part of the Macau culture. Many residents take part in this lottery game, 2,003 residents were surveyed and 25% of them tried their luck with the lottery.

Las Vegas of Asia Worldwide leading sales

Why a majority of the residents do not take part in the games of chance could not be clarified in the survey. The numbers are exciting in any case, as they prove a large number of tourists that attract Macau. The region is considered to be the world’s top seller in terms of gaming. Accordingly, a large part of the turnover must come from tourists, who move into the casinos in large numbers every year.

It is also questionable whether online casinos could have an impact on resident behavior: currently, online gambling in Macau is still illegal. If the online casinos were legalized, more residents might opt ​​for online entertainment. Unfortunately, however, it is currently becoming clear that many residents are not too happy with what is currently happening in the region. Gambling is of enormous importance for tourism, and therefore also for the economy, but some residents are still bothered by the many casinos. In addition, many residents do not seem to be interested in gambling.

The casino operators and the state should care little, after all, business is still booming. The casinos seem to be pursuing the goal of primarily addressing tourists – and there is no doubt that this works very well.

Las Vegas of Asia About online casino slot machines

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Gambling and Macao are inevitably a part of many people in Germany. In fact, “Las Vegas Asia” has been a focal point for gambling knights from all over the world for many, many years. But the dazzling facade gradually gets smaller cracks. For example, a recent Macau phone survey found that fewer than half of all residents visit the casinos. This is definitely a problem because the metropolis has to rely on visitors from abroad. And for this, in turn, some unattractive changes to the law were recently introduced.

Only around 40 percent of Macau’s residents play

As is known, Macau is teeming with casinos. Actually, one would think that gambling should be enormously popular among the population. That was the case for many years. Gradually, however, the enthusiasm for the game seems to be waning. At least among the Macau residents. This was recently revealed in a telephone survey conducted by the Social Welfare Bureau. This is a regular survey that the bureau is commissioned by the government to use to ensure that the game in Macau is used responsibly. And it cannot be dismissed out of hand. Just 40.9 percent of those surveyed stated that they visit the casinos in the special zone.

That is an enormous drop of around ten percent compared to 2016. At that time, 51.5 percent of all residents surveyed said that they would like to play. The proportion of people who have problematic gaming behavior has also decreased. In 2016, this was 2.5 percent of all respondents, now it is only 0.8 percent – or 16 out of a total of 2,003 people surveyed.

Football betting more interesting, casinos less relevant

The agency’s survey produced a slight trend towards sports betting. According to this, growth can be seen in basketball and football in particular. In general, however, sports betting is not one of the leading games of chance in Macau. The most popular game of chance here is the Mark Six lottery, in which more than 25 percent of those surveyed take part. This is followed by playing with friends with 12.6 percent and playing in the land-based casino with only 9.6 percent. Unlike sports betting, these areas have all had to accept losses in the latest survey.

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