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The history of our site

Our site was founded by our freelancer team, a passionate casino game and software visionary. We originally set up the site as an HTML-based online casino service, but was open to the design of his website from the start. As more websites began to copy content, he planned to make Casino a brand that should offer the very best to players and readers. He consulted with other industry experts and met an entrepreneur named David Sheldon.

The further development

To date, we reformatted and developed numerous online magazines and forums about casinos and games. He was eager to expand his successful work to his real passion and personal area: the gambling industry. The blackjack lover found that there was no platform for impartial player information worldwide. At this point, Warren and David teamed up to combine their skills on Casino and make the website the ultimate gambling information resource for players from all over the world.

The boom

Online gambling boomed at the turn of the millennium, so we needed a larger number of gambling experts who shared the same passion as the editor-in-chief. We hired some passionate gambling experts who would be thrilled to test any existing online casino. Our new team members worked independently and honestly right from the start, following strict data-based guidelines to provide reliable reviews and information for every player.


Smartphones and tablets were suddenly everywhere and hundreds of mobile casinos came on the market. In our test reports, mobile availability became an important criterion and we ourselves wanted to be easily accessible for every type of mobile device.

Our principles

  • We interview users to distinguish key data

  • We conduct field and user search

  • We work with feedback from our readers

  • We have  large customer service department

  • We only help the players with our information, not the casinos

  • We have put together teams with gaming and wagering master

  • Together we have more than 200 years of experienced team.

  • We have news group that works nonstop 

  • we give all data to free of charge and on one page

  • We have experts from all over the world

  • We only publish objective information

  • We provide elite free games

  • Unlike many other sites, we are 100% independent

  • We act and function independently

  • We work with examiners and controllers

  • We write unbiased reviews

  • We only employ experienced experts

  • We follow a strict 25-step review concept

  • We have developed our unique methodologies in 20 years

  • We research based on unaffected data and facts

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Trustworthy and guaranteed fair casinos

Our guarantee

Wherever you see this seal, you can be sure that the Casino guarantee is in place. We ensure that each club survey is upheld by information-driven research, master information from our analysts and that our publication groups are revealing exceptional, fair and autonomous news. Not only with our test reports, but also with all the other elements of Casino, our authors are there with full passion and professionalism. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands everywhere on our site.

Our work

We are the No. 1 advisor for online casinos and gambling worldwide, and for us the players come first.

Casino has existed since 1995 and is known as a trusted website that provides gamers with extensive information about safe gambling and winning. In more than 20 years we have developed and perfected our 25 step review concept. Our news, blog articles and guides are second to none, based on data and facts and deliver independent, value-neutral and brand new 

The number 1

More and more users flocked to our site and we became the number 1 trusted website for casino reviews and advice. At this point, our visitors had already won $ 15 million together. Not surprisingly, we have become the most popular source of casino reviews and gambling information.

The upgrade

Since our team had grown rapidly, we moved to a larger office building, where we had enough space for our gaming specialists. Thanks to technological progress, we were able to employ additional international experts in remote work. So we started to create an absolute dream team of the best professional gambling experts.

Our news

We started our own news service and employed a few passionate journalists who should henceforth provide you with the latest news about casinos, sports betting, games and the like. Due to the growing interest, we expanded our editorial team with additional employees and guest authors. The team works and manages independently, without internal or external influences, and maintains its strict journalistic integrity.